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i n d u s t r i a l , c o r p o r a t e a n d f u r n i t u r e d e s i g n


We are a team of architects, industrial corporate, project managers, strategy and luxury brand specialist. We understand and conceive luxury design as a means through which emotions are generated.

We combine research, luxury design, and strategic thinking to help you connect with your customers. Specially adding value to your private project or company through your brand image, values, and goals.

LIV-IN offers a team of specialists which will deal personally with your project. You will always be in contact with a professional who will be your partner during all phases of the project.

We deal with different parts of your project working with a single partner to optimize the outcome and the value of your project.

Our potential for direct purchase, partnership with general contractors, and manufacturers of luxury fixture makes us pioneers in the field of design.


Agradecemos infinitamente por el mobiliario que el estupendo arquitecto Cristopher P James de LIV-IN Design, creó y fabricó para nuestra oficina de San Diego.

Agradecimiento del equipo SOS Business Group

I am an Interior Designer and was commissioned to design a lobby for a residential building in the Washington DC area. It took me almost 5 months to find a furniture company that understood my idea for the project’s front desk. Liv-in company was the perfect match during all project phases. We collaborated on the front desk’s design and Liv-in emailed the renders to me with desk design in one week. We had several phone conversions about choosing the right materials and each time they send me free samples next day. Plus the delivery time was much faster than other companies. Liv-in sent an on-site supervisor during the construction phase who ensured that installation went well and according to plan. Liv-in’s prices were very competitive. Initially, I was little worried about their ability to do the job because they were not local, but everything work out beautifully. My expectations were exceeded. My clients were very pleased and happy with the final product. Liv-in will have me as a loyal client for more future projects.

Aleksander Meza Interior Designer, Knoll Washington

We have been working with LIV-IN for many years, in several projects for luxury oriented travel retail points of sale and must say the experience was great. From project design to maintenance, they take care of everything.

Paula Mescolin Global Marketing and Visual Merchandising Manager at Duty Free Partners.